Thursday, 20 May 2010

Workplace stress is an insidious and increasing problem...

Recently tagged by UK mental health charity MIND as Britain's £26bn epidemic, workplace stress is an insidious and increasing problem... and the cost of putting on a happy face is not only costing individuals dear, but has a knock-on effect on workplace productivity.

Identify its early warning symptoms and try to avoid its worst effects before it affects your health.

Causes of work-related stress include:
* poor working conditions
* long working hours
* lack of job security
* too much responsibility
* difficult relationships with colleagues
Symptoms of work-related stress include:
* finding concentration hard
* irritability and mood swings
* feeling unmotivated
* feeling like you can't cope
Physical symptoms can include:
* excessive tiredness and sleep problems
* a raised heart rate
* digestive problems
* muscular tension - backaches and neckaches
* chronic headaches
Tips to help avoid work-place stress:
* take your lunch break every day
* tackle one task at a time
* be realistic about what you can accomplish
* raise unrealistic demands with your line manager/boss

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